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As a child, you probably dreamed about your wedding day and all of the magic it would embody. After all, everyone wants that fairytale happy ending. Part of creating a memorable day means choosing the right wedding jewelry. Whether it’s the perfect earrings for your dress, stunning wedding bands, or even gifts for the bridal party and groomsmen, the perfect jewelry can turn an average day into an extraordinary one that you won’t soon forget.

Ready to find wedding jewelry near you? Simply browse wedding jewelry near me on the map below and find a list of jewelers specializing in wedding jewelry below. Need a bit more help finding the right wedding jewelry for you? How about some insight on prices and styles? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more. You’ll find the right jewelry for your big day with ease!

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Wedding Jewelry Near Me – Wedding Jewelry Trivia

When did couples first start using wedding rings?

What’s a wedding without a wedding ring? Well, before the 1500s it was simply a wedding. Couples first started using wedding rings back in the 1500s. At this time, couples would get engaged and then purchase Gimmel rings. These were interlocking rings that were then divided up. One was worn by the bride and the other was worn by the groom. At this time, it was the couple’s way of announcing to the world and their families that they were planning on getting married. During the official wedding ceremony, the groom would actually remove his half of the Gimmel ring and place it on his bride’s finger. The moment proved a symbol of unity and commitment. Since then, traditions have changed quite a bit, yet the wedding ring and engagement ring are still cornerstones of the entire marriage process. As you search wedding jewelry near me, consider how a simple ring has symbolized true love for thousands of years.

wedding jewelry near me

The right wedding jewelry can elevate any dress.

When did men first start wearing wedding bands?

Believe it or not, historians believe that men didn’t begin wearing wedding bands until sometime in the late 19th century. This was largely a trend in the US and didn’t grow to be common elsewhere until several years later. The male wedding band actually began as a marketing campaign that was directed at women. The overall goal was to encourage men to take part in the symbolic act of wearing a ring to signify unity and commitment after the wedding was over, just as brides had done since the 1500s. Statistics show, that the trend was slow to take off. Only around 15% of men during the Great Depression days actually wore wedding bands. Though, this was largely due to financial hardship and the bands being seen as an unnecessary expense. During the post World War II era, nearly 80% of all married men wore a wedding band and gladly expressed their commitment via a thin gold or silver ringt. Today, the tradition continues and a majority of married men proudly sport their bands. In many countries outside of the US, it’s still common for only the women to wear the bands after the ceremony. As you search wedding jewelry near me, consider if you would want your spouse to wear a band after the big day.

Wedding Jewelry Near Me – Wedding Jewelry Facts

How To Match Wedding Jewelry To Your Dress

If you’re searching wedding jewelry near me, then odds are you want your big day to go off without a hitch. More importantly, you want to look as stunning as you feel. Part of choosing the right wedding jewelry means matching the metals of the jewelry to your gown.

If you can’t decide between gold and silver jewelry, let the exact hue of your gown guide your choice. Experts agree that if your gown is a very bright white hue, you should opt for platinum or silver pieces. They tend to pick up on the cool tones of the dress much better than gold or rose gold.

If your gown is ivory, aim to go with gold jewelry and accessories at is warm and will best enhance the creaminess of the dress. If your gown is a light gold or champagne color, strive for gold jewelry to complement the warm tones in this very light beige color. For an antique inspired look, you can try burnished silver with rhinestones will also work well.

If you’re a modern bride and went with a blush or pink hue, try going with rose gold. The pink cast in the metal will look stunning with the soft pink undertones of the dress. Of course, these are just style guidelines. At the end of the day, you should feel comfortable choosing whatever wedding jewelry you prefer.

Consider the Neckline

Another thing to consider while searching wedding jewelry near me is the neckline of your dress. The type of neckline you have chosen can bear a great impact on the type of jewelry you should choose to accessorize with.

If your dress bears a sweetheart neckline or a classic strapless neckline, it is recommended to create height and direct eyes to your smile by wearing a shorter necklace or even a choker. Another option is to skip the necklace all together and go for a bold statement earring instead. As far as bracelets go, opt for a smaller bracelet or bangle. A great cocktail ring will work to balance everything out.

If your dress has a v-neck, go for a pendant necklace or a layered necklace. Pair with earrings which are either small or dangling. When it comes to this type of dress, also consider your hairstyle.

If you’ve gone for a halter style dress or reverse halter, make your greatest statement your hair. Accessorize with pins, combs, and even flowers. If you still need a little oomph, go with a bracelet or cocktail ring.

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