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In the past few decades, wings have grown to be one of America’s favorite appetizer foods. Not only are millions of wings eaten every football Sunday, but it has become a crowd pleaser for parties, dinners out, and even just as a snack. Wings are so popular that shops such as Wing Stop exist to help fulfill your every wing whim without breaking the bank.

Are you interested in finding a Wing Stop near you? Simply browse Wing Stop near me on the map below and find a list of Wing Stop locations nearest you. Need a bit more information on Wing Stop and wings in general? Read on for facts, trivia, tips, and more. You might just learn something new to share

Wing Stop Near Me – Find it on the Map

Wing Stop Near Me – Wing Stop Trivia

What is the Wing Stop mission statement?

Every restaurant has a mission statement that allows for every branch or franchise to keep certain goals and attitudes in mind. Wing Stop is no exception. As you search Wing Stop near me, consider the official mission statement of this franchise. According to brand representatives, the Wing Stop goal is inevitably “to get and keep the guest.” This means that every restaurant location strives to provide quality products, a superior guest experience, and exceptional value to every customer. This is why Wing Stop is consistent in every way no matter what location you choose to visit!

wing stop near me

Wing Stop is one of America’s favorite wing destinations!

How much does it cost to buy a Wing Stop?

Thinking about buying a Wing Stop franchise? Well, you’ll need some major cash in the bank. Just how much will it set you back to set up a Wing Stop of your very own? Consider this as you search Wing Stop near me. Based on your location, setting up a Wing Stop restaurant can cost between $263,550 and $616,000. In order to be approved for a franchise, potential franchisees must have a networth of at least $400,000. Of that number, a whopping $200,000 must be in cash. In order to cut down on losses and potential failures, Wing Stop wants some security from the individuals who are setting up a franchise location.

In what city were wings invented?

It might not come as a surprise that the name “Buffalo” wings is an extension of the city in which they were invented. Buffalo wings first originated in the city of Buffalo, New York. In Buffalo, wings are simply referred to as “wings” or “chicken wings.” Buffalo wings became a national phenomenon after the Buffalo Bills football team went ahead and appeared in four consecutive Super Bowls in the early 1990s. These Super Bowl appearances helped make wings a mainstream dietary staple. While you might think the Northeastern region of the US consumes the most wings, it’s actually the South that takes the title. The West Coast is known for consuming the least wings out of any region of the US.

Wing Stop Near Me – Wing Stop Facts

Super Bowl Stats

If you’re searching Wing Stop near me, it likely won’t come as a surprise that more wings are consumed on Super Bowl weekend than on any other day of the year. According to some statistics, some 1.25 billion wings are consumed every Super Bowl weekend. That equates to more than 100 million pounds of chicken wings every year!

The Base of Buffalo Wings

What exactly is the base for the classic Buffalo wing? Consider this as you search Wing Stop near me. The most basic buffalo sauce consists of a base of cayenne pepper, hot sauce, and melted butter or margarine. Every sauce is then offered in various levels of spiciness known as mild, medium, or hot. For those who don’t like the spicy kick of a Buffalo wing, a popular sweet variant emerged: the barbecue wing. In this type of wing, a barbecue sauce is used instead of a hot sauce. The cooked chicken wings are then placed in a bowl or pot and shaken vigorously to coat the wings with sauce prior to serving. While there might have only been two sauce types at the beginning, restaurants such as Wing Stop have upped the ante by creating wild new sauce variations and insanely spicy blends to tease and tempt the palette.

Wing Stop Options

Wondering what your options will be for wings after searching Wing Stop near me? Every Wing Stop location offers a total of three chicken variations: boneless, traditional, and chicken tenders. Each type of wing comes in various size options and boast a myriad of sauces to compliment the blend. Some of the sauce options you’ll find at your local Wing Stop include: Atomic, Mango Habanero, Sweet with heat, cajun, original hot, extra zing, Louisiana Rub, Mild, hickory, smoked BBQ, and Garlic parmesan amongst many others. If you don’t want to commit to just one sauce, have no fear, Wing Stop will let you sample several different sauces within one order of wings. This means that you’ll never have to sacrifice flavor or variety in the name of saving a dime or two. What will you try out on your next Wing Stop endeavor?

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