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Staying healthy and choosing great food items can be difficult, but with the help of speciality stores that curate healthy items, finding the right foods, vitamins, and cosmetics can be a breeze. Health food stores specialize in offering natural, organic, non-gmo food items, personal care items, vitamins, and essential oils all in one place.

Are you interested in finding a health food store near you? Simply browse health food stores near me on the map below and find a list of health food stores located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on health food stores? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and history on these healthy markets.

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What makes an item “organic?”

One thing you’ll likely find when browsing health food stores near me is the prominence of “organic” items both in food and in personal care items. In recent years, many have accepted the term organic to denote food that is healthier and grown without pesticides, but what really qualifies an item to garner an organic label? According to experts, if you see the “USDA Organic” or “Certified Organic” seal on the item you’re about to purchase, the item has an ingredients list with contents that are at least 95% certified organic. This means the product is free of synthetic additives such as dyes, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides. The item must also be processed without industrial grade solvents, irradiation and genetic engineering. The remaining 5% of the mix must be additives that are on an approved list that has been deemed safe and without side effects by the USDA. If a product boasts a 100% organic label, it means that every ingredient meets the guidelines above. If the item states that it was “made with organic” materials, it means that the item likely only contains around 70% organic ingredients and the remaining 30% of the ingredients may contain additives on a special exclusions list. While it may not seem like a big deal to purchase organic foods, there are many benefits to sticking with what’s natural and wholesome. Not only in the short term but in the long term.

health food stores near me

Health food stores stock aisles and aisles of good for you products!

Are organic foods more nutritious than non certified organic foods?

A common question that many individuals have when searching health food stores near me are the actual benefits of organic and natural foods. Are they really more nutritious and beneficial to our health? Studies show that organic foods are not technically more nutritious. They do not boast a significant vitamin or mineral advantage over foods that are grown in conventional methods. However, organic foods are much less likely to contain pesticides, antibiotics, and any form of genetic engineering. Keep in mind that some organic foods will have trace pesticides within the USDA’s legal limits for organic items. Buying organic items not only limits your exposure to pesticides and harmful antibiotics, but buying organic foods encourages environmentally friendly farming and growth practices such as the cycling of natural resources and growing food without the need for harsh pesticides and chemical fertilizers which can contaminate local streams and water sources. This makes many organic crops far more volatile, but yields a higher degree of environmental sustainability.

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Protecting Your Skin

One of the many specialities that you’ll find while searching health food stores near me is the prominence of natural skin care items. Natural skincare can seem a bit mystifying, with many individuals left wondering if they are as effective and if they’re truly necessary. As the largest organ of the body, your skin absorbs a lot of nutrients, but it can also absorb a great deal of toxins. Your skin acts as the body’s defense against those toxins, so it’s important to be aware of the products you’re putting on your skin and the ingredients housed within them. By slathering on products full of chemical additives, you’re putting dangerous ingredients directly onto the skin which in turn go into your body. Many traditional skin care products contain an endocrine disrupting phthalates and parabens. These poisons are not only known to cause reproductive issues, but they’re also linked to an increased risk in cancer. The more products you use containing these products, the higher the concentration of chemicals in your body. Natural skincare products don’t contain harmful chemicals, irritants, or preservatives. They are often non-allergenic and are carefully formulated with the best all natural and organic ingredients. Most organic companies are also GMO free and are never tested on animals.

The True Benefits of Essential Oils

After searching health food stores near me and visiting your local shop, you’ll likely notice an emphasis on essential oil products and diffusers. So what can essential oils actually do? The possibilities are endless! From ancient Egypt to the present day, essential oils have been used to treat anxiety, aches, bruises, and even acne. Feeling a bit unhappy? Try using a citrus fragrance oil or lemon. Individuals who sniffed citrus fragrances, were able to lower their dosage of antidepressants. The scent is also known to normalize hormone levels. Feeling a bit queasy? Diffusing a ginger essential oil can ease queasiness in pregnant women, those with illness, and even cancer patients who have just received radiation. Essential oils have endless uses that can help you to naturally overcome many common ailments and issues. Instead of turning to over the counter medicines, try using an essential oil. Oils can either be diffused using an aromatherapy diffuser or applied directly to pulse points. Next time you’re visiting your local health food store, try taking oils for a spin!

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