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Nike is one of the world’s most popular athletic brands and will likely remain as such for the foreseeable future. As athletic wear becomes more acceptable on the street, rocking Nikes in every area of life is now as fashion forward as a pair of dress shoes. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes or a some seriously cool athletic wear, a Nike outlet is a great way to get your Nike goods on a budget.

Interested in finding a Nike outlet near you? Simply browse Nike outlet near me on the map below and find a list of Nike outlet locations in your area. Need a bit more information on Nike and outlet stores. Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Nike Outlet Near Me – Nike Outlet Trivia

What was Nike originally known as?

While you might know Nike by the famous swoosh and it’s iconic name, this sportswear brand don’t always bear the name Nike. What was Nike originally known as? Consider this as you search Nike outlet near me. When the brand was first founded in 1964, it was initially dubbed Blue Ribbon Sports. The brand operated as a distributor the brand now known as Asics. Nike didn’t formally become “Nike” until 1971.

nike outlet near me

Visiting a Nike Outlet is a great way to get shoes and apparel at a budget price!

What does a waffle iron have to do with Nike?

If you’re searching Nike outlet near me, then you know that this mega sports brand doesn’t exactly have anything to do with your morning meal. But did you know that a waffle iron was actually behind one of Nike’s first big inventions? According to brand historians, a waffle iron was 100% behind Nike’s first major innovation as a brand; as the soles on one of Nike’s very first shoe prototype was made using a waffle iron back in 1971. Apparently one of the co-founders received some very real inspiration at the breakfast table!

How did the Nike Swoosh originate?

Much like the name Nike itself, the iconic “Swoosh” is a major part of the sportswear brand and the company’s overall marketing campaign. But where exactly did the Nike swoosh originate? Consider this as you search Nike outlet near me. Nike co-founder Phil Knight felt as if the Nike brand needed a stronger identity. He reached out to a student attending Portland State University, where he taught accounting. Student Carolyn Davidson agreed to work on some possible designs, including a “checkmark.” The idea was that Knight could present the logo when visiting executives in 1971. While Phil Knight reportedly didn’t like the logo Davidson designed, he went with it anyway, paying the designer just $35 for the work. Now picturing a Nike shoe or sweatshirt without the iconic swoosh seems almost impossible! Do you tend to identify brands based on logos alone? Without the swoosh, would Nike bear the iconic status that it does today? You decide!

Nike Outlet Near Me – Nike Outlet Facts

“Just Do It!”

Nike’s iconic slogan “Just Do It” has stood the test of time, but when did this slogan first originate? As you search Nike outlet near me, consider the originals and the controversy that once surrounded this ad campaign. Nike famously debuted their now iconic slogan in a 1987 ad campaign. One commercial featured a triathlete named Joanne Ernst reciting the famous line and then following with “And it wouldn’t hurt to stop eating like a pig either.” Needless to say, the ad was met with its fair share of outrage and controversy. The suggestion that anyone who wasn’t an athlete was simply lazily binge eating food irritated customers, especially those who belonged to the female demographic. Many female consumers went on to boycott Nike altogether, especially since this demographic was largely ignored by Nike during the 1980s fitness and aerobic craze. In order to keep consumers happy and at ease, the company tweaked their ads to be less offensive. By doing so, Nike grew their customer base from 13 percent in 1990 to 20 percent in 1991. Despite the early hang ups, the slogan still remains a prominent part of Nike to do this day.

The Reuse A Shoe Program

Everytime you buy a pair of Nikes or search Nike Outlet near me, you’re going to help contribute to the reuse a shoe program, but only if you give your old sneakers back to the brand to recycle. Recycled footwear can often end up right back where it belongs: underneath your feet! Thanks to Nike’s responsible Reuse-a-Shoe program, the raw materials from old sneakers and sports goods can be taken to create new items. Nike uses the sneakers to make everything from playground surfaces and track flooring to gym floor tiles. According to some experts, a basketball court can utilize up to 2,500 pairs of recycled sneakers. If you want to take part in the program, visit Nike’s website and find out if you can recycle your Nike sneakers for use in the program. Otherwise, your once beloved kicks might just end up in a landfill taking up much needed space! Companies who are responsible about environmental protection not only earn high marks amongst environmentalists, they earn marks amongst those who believe that saving money and reducing waste is of the utmost importance for businesses of every kind.

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