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For many American high school seniors, prom night is the reward for 12 hard years of schooling. The escape of a night spent feeling like a movie star can’t be compared to anything else as a teenage boy or girl. This is why prom dress stores, boutiques, and custom gown shops are more popular than ever.

Are you interested in finding prom dress stores near you? Simply browse prom dress stores near me on the map below and find a list of prom dress stores located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on prom dress stores near you? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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True or false: 62 Percent of Prom Goers Will Hold Onto Memorabilia.

Prom is a tradition that dates all the way back to the 1890s. This is when proms were first introduced to many colleges, rather than the high schools who tend to celebrate prom in the modern day. These early proms were inspired by formal galas and debutante balls, affairs that were common for this time period. Though most college proms didn’t look anything like the proms we know today, they did have many similarities. Girls gussied up in pretty dresses and jewelry, men wore suits or dressy slacks, and prom committees did their best to make the evening a special time in the lives of those attending. Prom has always held a significant meaning for prom goers, so much so that some studies show that a whopping 62% of us hold onto something special that reminds us of our special night. Whether it’s preserving that long outdated prom dress, holding onto a dried up corsage, or glancing over that picture that every parent made every prom couple take, we all hold onto memorabilia. Not only is prom a source of nostalgia, but it marks a true step away from adolescents and a step into adulthood. As you search prom dress stores near me, consider the significance that prom will hold for you. Is it a night to say goodbye to all of the friends you go to know in high school or something else entirely? No one can tell you how to hold onto your special night!

prom dress stores near me

Finding the right prom dress is easier and more fun than ever!

True or false: Proms weren’t held nationwide until the 1930s.

Though proms were first introduced in the 1890s and early 1900s, proper proms weren’t held nationwide until the early 1930s. Proms began as socializing events that included some light refreshments and slow dancing under novel crepe paper streamers. They were almost always held in a high school gym and were typically done under a strict prom committee budget. In the 1930s, proms turned more into the events we know today and became a tradition in high schools all around the country. Suddenly, high schools were featuring a banquet dinner, live music, and more decorations than previous generations could have even envisioned. Guides were even written by so called “prom experts” on how to stage the perfect Junior-senior prom. While searching prom dress stores near me, think about just how different proms in the modern age look compared to the proms of the 1930s and prior. Proms are no longer held in gymnasiums or cafeterias, but rather entirely different locations.

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The Average Amount Spent On Prom

It’s likely no surprise as you search prom dress stores near me that going to prom can be a pretty expensive endeavor. But exactly how much does the average individual spend on creating the perfect prom night? The answer might just shock you. According to retail analysts, the average person spends a total of $1,078 on prom. Between a prom dress, shoes, a clutch, hair, makeup, prom tickets, a limousine and the dinner, parents and prom goers are spending more money now than ever. In fact, some schools are charging around $75 or more for prom tickets. Since proms are no longer held in gyms, but rather hotels or country clubs, the cost has skyrocketed. Prom is pretty much its own industry now, with dozens of dress shops catering to the big night. Speaking of dresses, just how many dresses will the average girl try on before finding “the one?”
Experts agree that the average girl will try on 10 or more prom dresses before finding the perfect dress. There’s now more pressure than ever to find a dress that’s unique and will allow you to stand apart from the crowd. Some say social media will only increase this pressure, as every girl wants the most likes, upvotes, and hearts that she can possibly get on her big night.

Prom Dress Trends

As you search prom dress stores near me, you’ll quickly find out that prom dress trends come and go. What’s in one year is out the next and so on and so forth. So how is a girl to know what’s in fashion? Look to the runways! Though no prom dress will completely emulate the wacky and often unwearable dresses of high fashion, they do borrow some simple ideas and trends from these high end designers. In 2018, you’ll likely find many prom dresses with ruffles, fringe, velvet, and sequins. These were huge trends on the runway and will likely translate into some truly beautiful and iconic prom dresses. Other dress trends that will continue to hold some clout in 2018 include the crop top two piece trend, colors such as red, and sexy cocktail style cuts. Of course, the perfect dress for you is the one that you feel most like yourself in. Don’t follow trends and fads if that’s not your cup of tea. Buy a dress that speaks of your personality and sparks your interest. If you feel good you’ll look even better!

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