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Hitting the open road? How about booking that long overdue flight for a well deserved vacation? Whatever your travel plans entail, there’s a Quality Inn waiting to welcome you at the end of a long day. Not only does Quality Inn boast locations from coast to coast, but their value is simply unbeatable. You won’t break the bank, nor will you sacrifice on amenities. Every guest will find simplicity and relaxation at a Quality Inn.

Looking to find a Quality Inn near you? Simply browse Quality Inn near me on the map below and find a list of Quality Inn locations near you. Need a bit more information on Quality Inn? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Quality Inn Near Me – Quality Inn Trivia

What year was Quality Inn founded?

Back in the early late 1800s and early 1900s, travel was far more difficult than it was today. Traveling often meant long treks that lasted for days or weeks, often times the only place to stay was a local Inn or Bed and Breakfast. After the automobile was introduced and Henry Ford’s assembly one innovation made them affordable, travel was suddenly more appealing to the average American. Thus, grew the need for new types of lodging for weary travelers needing a break from the road. Quality Inn was one of the first hotel chains to truly change the landscape of American travel. But when exactly was this iconic inn first founded? Consider this as you search Quality Inn near me. The company was first founded in 1939 as Quality Courts, a referral chain that consisted of seven motel owners down South. It published the names of every property that complied with standards of quality and referred guests to their properties. In 1941, the group officially incorporated as Quality Courts United. Later, a hotel chain operated under the name Quality motels emerged, in addition to Quality Inns International. Quality Courts united accepted any franchise hotel without the strict norms or guidelines from the company. This was a true departure from the Holiday Inn which implemented numerous standards and guidelines regarding room size and amenities.

quality inn near me

For a great nights sleep try the Quality Inn!

Where In The US Did Quality Inn find its roots?

Like so many business, Quality Inn had to find its footing in one regional market before being able to branch out into other areas of the US. But which area did Quality Inn put down roots first? As you search Quality Inn near me, consider the region this hotel chain has always called home. During its early years, Quality Courts operated entirely east of the Mississippi River and in portions of Canada. From 1946 up until 1964, Quality had a marketing partnership with Best Western. Their properties were located west of the MIssissippi river and didn’t prove to be any immediate competition to quality. The deal was abandoned in 1964 when Best Western moved into the eastern half of the US. This forced Quality Courts to expand and begin its efforts towards adding locations all over the country. In 1966, they did just that, but opening a motel in MIssouri and to in Texas. This was just the beginning of the massive expansion that would follow in the 1970s and 1980s. Nowadays, you can find a Quality Inn location in pretty much every state and most countries.

Quality Inn Near Me – Quality Inn Facts

Average Hotel Room Rates

If you’ve been searching Quality Inn near me, then you know that hotel rates can vary wildly from place to place and country to country. The going rate in Lincoln, Nebraska is probably pretty different than the average rate in Manhattan. Ever wondered what the average room rate is in the United States? Well, that might just surprise you. Back in 1940, the average hotel room rate was just $3.21. This meant that you could book a room at one of Quality Courts motels for around $2.00 a night. That’s right, what’s now considered simple pocket change could have lent you a nice bed to rest your head upon back in the 1940s. That number has grown considerably and rates continue to rise. So how much is the American paying in 2018? According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, the average daily rate has reached $110.89. Of course, this is just an average. Urban areas and regions that boast a lot of tourism will be well above this number. Very rural or country areas might be a bit below this number. You might think that going from $3.21 to $110.89 is a massive increase, but when you factor in today’s currency rate and inflation, that’s equal to $53.56. So, over the course of many decades, the hotel rate has only gone up around 50 percent.

The Highest Average Room Rate

Where in the world can you expect to pay the highest amount for a room per night? Well, if you’re searching Quality Inn near me you might be surprised to learn that the most expensive place to rent a room in the world, isn’t even in the United States! Most people think that New York City boasts the highest average room rate, but this isn’t necessarily true. While you won’t score many bargains in the Big Apple, the average room rate is around $225.00. Hardly a deal, but not the end of the world. So which city boasts the most expensive hotel rooms? Geneva, Switzerland! In this beautiful European city, you can expect to pay around $308 per night on average. What about London, another expensive city? Those traveling to London can expect to pay around $150 on average. As you can see, there are deals to be had, but they won’t likely be found in Switzerland any time soon!

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